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Plant Health Care
& Weed Control

EverGreen Turf & Tree Care, Inc.

Plant & Tree Health Care Specialists.

Our Services

We provide several options to keep your property and planters weed free. 

Variety of  treatments.

Includes preventive treatments, pest and disease control, fertilization, etc.

We provide a fertilization program and treatments to prevent weeds and other pests from taking over the lawn.

Weed Control
weed control
pest control
lawn treatment
Tree Care
Lawn Care
Pest Management

Pests be gone! In addition to eliminating tree and lawn pests, we take care of a variety of other exterior household pests.



Spring Buds
Plant Health Care

 There are various ways to take care of your landscape needs.

Part of our PHC is to provide an IPM program to help prevent or treat diseases, virus, fungi, or fertilizer your plants, trees & shrubs. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience serving in Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer, Nevada & Amador counties



Evergreen Turf & Tree Care, Inc. is a local, family owned company dedicated to providing an integrated pest management -IPM- for plant care.


Whether this means weed control, assessment for diseases or viruses presented on the trees and plants, or fertilizing your yard, we want to help keep your yard pest free.​ ​

We are fully licensed and insured covering Sacramento, El Dorado,
Placer, Amador & Nevada Counties.

Text us, give a call or email so we can discuss your landscaping needs.


We’d love to hear from you!

About Us

"Very helpful, would recommend to friends and family."

- Anthony G.


Text - Call at (916) 941-1380 or

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